Aboro Academy

is the place you are looking for if you want to live the spirit of boxing & kickboxing. The Academy is more than just a place of growth for Boxing & Kickboxing skills – it is also a place for personal growth.

Aboro Foundation

“To us, the ABORO FOUNDATION is what combat sport is about: giving back and planting the seeds for a happier, healthier life”
- Michele and Masca


Michele Aboro

Co-Founder & Head Coach

A living legend in the history of Boxing & Kickboxing, Super Bantamweight Michele Aboro retired as undefeated world champion in Boxing with 21 wins (12 KO) & Kickboxing with 32 winning fights (23 KO).

Michele was also voted Pound-for-Pound Best Female Boxer of the Year for four consecutive years. She is a two-time undefeated World Boxing Champion, five-time Kickboxing World Champion and two-time K1 Champion; having pioneered boxing and kickboxing in England when it was illegal for women to be trained in boxing by coaches and compete.

To train she pretended to be a boy!

<b>Boxing favourite combination:</b>

Jab, slip, lead body shot, lead hook, side step, cross

Masca Yuen

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Prior to settling in Shanghai, Dutch-Cantonese Fine Art photographer - who is also fluent in four languages - travelled around China to document ancient and modern traditions for newspapers and magazines, which have been exhibited in different galleries in the Netherlands and Shanghai.

In 2014, she co-founded the Aboro Academy with Michele, sharing her ideas to make Boxing & Kickboxing available for everyone.

Masca has gone on to expand the Academy offers with Krav Maga for self-defense and Yoga for a holistic approach.

<b>Boxing favourite combination:</b>

Around the world ;-) jab, dominant uppercut, lead hook, cross


Team of coaches

Michele’s international team of professional coaches – who are fitness, Boxing & Kickboxing experts - offer her students the finest training experience.

All coaches have passed the certification of the ABORO METHOD and train with Michele every week. Some coaches are also members of the ABORO PRO BOXING TEAM, who compete both in China and internationally.

Doca Nestorov
Krav Maga Global + Jr Boxing
Anna Shcherbakova
Kickboxing + Combat Performance
Joss Bevan
Kickboxing + Boxing + Jr Boxing + C. Performance
Carl He
Boxing + Jr Boxing + Combat Performance
Shelly Sun
Yoga Instructor
Ensen Yang
Kickboxing + Boxing
667 Chang Hua Road, 2FL S6S8
(near AnYuan Road) Jing'an District,Shanghai PRC
上海市静安昌化路667号 (近安远路) 2楼 S6S8室
+86 216 222 0266 info@aboroacademy.com