A living legend in the history of combat sports
7-time World Boxing and Kickboxing Champion


12 weeks of boxing training programs simultaneously organized in The Netherlands and China culminating in a friendly competition of novice fighters


Presented by Adidas

40 female and male novice fighters selected among 100 participants will be trained in boxing, kickboxing and fitness by ABORO ACADEMY coaches for 12 weeks starting from the 15th of June. The training will culminate in a 8-fight event on Sept 7th. Join us for the final event and do not forget to follow our champions’ achievements on our blog/twitter/wechat.


Presented by Het Hem

Het Hem presents its inaugural Chapter 1NE, featuring a group exhibition, Boxing Clinic and public program that highlight the institution’s commitment to bringing art and community closer together, as well as its focus on an inclusive, interdisciplinary and immersive cultural experience.

Who we are

The Aboro Academy is more than a gym. It is the place that breathes the spirit of boxing. You experience the best of what boxing has to offer. We inspire the best out of you.

We want Aboro to feel like your second home. A place where everyone is welcome, regardless of your level, from zero to pro.

Our dedicated team of professionals is here to guide, coach, teach and train you.

You set your goals. We know the way there.


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