What it is

Herself a living legend in the history of boxing and kickboxing, Michele Aboro has built the ABORO METHOD with the vision to share her knowledge of both disciplines and to make boxing and kickboxing more accessible to adults, teens and juniors.


What it does

Michele created the ABORO METHOD and ABORO RANKING SYSTEM to make boxing and kickboxing available to students of all levels and provide a training program for (professional coaches).


Ranking System

With our Aboro Ranking, we tailored our Aboro Method into a progressive education which consists of 6 levels for juniors and 10 levels for adults, using the different colours to grade our students at Aboro.

Therefore, it gives us the ability to easily see what level of expertise they hold, and determine their interest towards learning the art of Boxing & Kickboxing and to train them up alongside our Aboro coaches.

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