Pro Boxing

Pro Boxing is a personalised training for national and international pro boxers to improve strategic and fighting skills for professional competitions.


Formulated by Michele Aboro to suit absolute beginners and seasoned students, these classes are perfect for all ages, who want to learn boxing technique while experiencing the authentic boxing vibes.

All our beginners' classes have no contact so you have time and space to learn combat sport in a controlled and safe environment.



The training teaches the technique of Dutch kickboxing, which is characterised by an extremely dynamic fighting style.

Using the ABORO METHOD training routine and the ABORO RANKING SYSTEM, students improve their levels progressively.


Combat Performance

Combat Performance is a 60 minutes circuit class complementing boxing and kickboxing training. Suitable to students of all levels, Combat Performance improves strength, agility and cardio endurance in preparation for the explosive movements of boxing and kickboxing.

Classes are also open to anyone who wants to improve physical conditioning.

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KMG’s Krav Maga is an integrated system of self-defence, combat and fighting, VIP and third-party protection. It is the leading system of its kind in the world, known for its practical and realistic techniques and tactics for avoiding, preventing, deterring, or otherwise handling all types of violent confrontations”.

KMG training is designed to gradually develop safety, physical and mental skills to quickly respond to multiple adverse situations. KMG is perfect for both men and women as it teaches how to use strategy, observation and technique before turning to physical strength. Classes available for children, too. Learn how to protect yourself.


Yoga is best way to stretch and strengthen all muscles of the body. Whether you are flexible or stiff, our classes of Yin Yoga and Power Yoga will help you to advance in the silent path of inner body-mind self-improvement. Power Yoga, designed around Ashtanga Vinyasa, is just a bit more active than Yin Yoga, where practitioners keep asanas for long time.


The importance of a balanced training programme


The primary focus of this programme is improving your technical abilities and your foundation in Boxing, KickBoxing and Krav Maga Global on different levels

Combat Performance

The primary focus of this programme is producing a higher level of all-round conditioning

Healthy Lifestyle

The primary focus of this yoga programme is flexibility and balance.

* part of the ABORO METHOD

Junior Boxing &


ABORO JUNIOR BOXING and ABORO JUNIOR KICKBOXING programmes have been developed by Michele Aboro to teach children the art of boxing and kickboxing in a safe environment.


Team Building

The Aboro Academy creates tailored Team Building and Leadership programmes to reinforce the team cohesion by creating constant interactions among all members of the group, stimulating mutual trust and boosting energy and confidence.


Become an aboro coach

In addition, you can learn how to teach Boxing with Aboro Boxing method.

The role of a coach is not only to give instructions on how to perform a workout, but most importantly, to also motivate the students to do their best and inspire them to challenge their limits. There is no shame in making mistakes as it is part of the learning process. With these principles in mind, the ABORO COACHES CERTIFICATION COURSE covers different aspects of the relationship between coach and student.

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